Sucess Story

Sandhya Dubey

I have been associated with MCM as a member since 2009, when it started its urban operation. I have taken four loans from MCM which have enabled me to establish and expand my business of ladoos (eatable item). My per month turnover ranges between Rs 60,000-70,000 and profit earned is about 20%. I also have employed five women, who assist me in this business.MCM has not only helped me in becoming economically independent but also gave me an opportunity to help other deprived women leading their lives in financial crisis.



Nirmala Saini 

My husband had a tea stall which was the only source of survival for my family. Feeding and educating three children in today’s inflating economy was not easy.MCM guidance and financial support helped me to have a Tiffin Centre along with our existing tea stall. I am now supplying quality meals to 25 customers and leading a dignified life.

Chanda Soni

Becoming member of MCM was one of the best decision of my life. Accessing subsequent loans from MCM has helped me in opening a kirana store (grocery shop) at Roshanpura jhuggi basti (slum). I now posses a pacca shop having as stock of Rs 50,000 .I am now able to earning profit of almost Rs 250 – Rs 300 per day.


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