Promotion of Farm Producer Organisations of small farmers in Chhatarpur, Damoh, Panna and Tikamgarh Districts
The purpose of the project is to collectivize farmers, especially small producers, at various levels across several states, to foster technology penetration, improve productivity, enable improved access to inputs and services and increase farmer incomes, through accelerated cultivation of pulses thereby strengthening their sustainable agriculture based livelihoods. Small Farmersí Agriculture Consortium (SFAC) has identified Mahila Chetna Mach as resource institution to promote Farm Producers Organisations (FPOs) in Chhatarpur, Damoh, Panna and Tikamgarh districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh comprising of Tikamgarh, Chhatarpur, Panna, Datia, Sagar and Damoh districts is one of the under developed and water scarce region in the state of MP. Economy of these districts is predominantly based on agriculture. This is on the verge of subsistence due to infertility of land, low moisture retention capacity, depleting ground water, irregular rainfall, lack of irrigation facilities and adoption of unscientific cultivation thus leading to low productivity.

Project Objectives

  • Mobilising farmers in groups at the village level and build their associations (FPOs) at an appropriate federating point to plan and implement pulse crop specific cluster/commercial crop cycles.
  • Strengthening farmer capacity through agricultural best practices for enhanced productivity of pulses.
  • Ensuring access to and usage of quality inputs and services for intensive agriculture enhancing cluster competitiveness.
  • Facilitate access to fair and remunerative markets including linking producer groups to marketing opportunities by market aggregators.
  • To fulfill the gap between demand and supply of pulse product.

Implementation of the Project

This is the first year of the project implementation. MCM is working with 600 farmers in 10 villages of Niwari block in Tikamgarh district, 800 farmers in 16 villages of Nowgaon block in Chhatarpur district, 1200 farmers in 20 villages of Gunaur block in Panna district and 1600 farmers in 29 villages of Pathariya block in Damoh district.

MCM team has provided a package of best practices for fertility and production enhancement of pulse crop to farmers associated with the project. Linkages of targetted beneficiaries have been developed with government departments to provide agriculture inputs supply. Convergence with government schemes related to pulse production, National Food Security Mission and A3P (pulse seed, fertiliser, pesticides) is a regular activity so that farmers get all the requisite benefits from various agencies.


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