Horticulture Promotion
MCM is an implementing agency for Wadi project in Bhimpur block of Betul district for the upliftment of the tribals who possess marginal land holdings, mostly unirrigated and without proper facilities to earn their livelihood from land. The project envisages facilitating livelihood improvement resulting in higher income for tribal population in 10 villages of Bhimpur tribal development block of Betul district through Wadi project.

The main target group of the programme interventions are women and marginalised (Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled caste and Backward classes).

The entire programme is targeting 500 tribal families in the project area under Wadi based livelihood. 100 families will be supported in first year, 200 in second year and 200 in third year.

Plantation of fruit like Mango, Guava and Karonda has been completed in one acre of each farmer in the project area. MCM has provided 30 Mango, 30 Guava and 30 Karonda plants to each farmer. A support for kitchen garden was also made available to 50 farmer families. The land is not fertile and therefore farmers were encouraged for levelling, removing, gravels, manuring, contour bunding and fencing, filling of the potholes. Farmers have been trained to get organic manure by preparing vermi compost pits and using other ingredients. Exposure visits were also organised along with other activities under capacity building programme

Women participation has been assured in all the activities conducted for the beneficiaries of the programme. 13 SHGs were formed among the beneficiaries. One health camp was organised for medical checkup of the families of farmers.


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